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Understanding Of Computer Networks

Understanding computer networks for kitchen set malang each person is different. Some say that the sense of a computer network is a group of computers that are interconnected so as to form a system, there is also a Sense that says that computer networks are computers that can be connected to each other and can share with each other. May you have the sense of a computer network with your own version. But of all the sources that exist about the sense of a computer network, of course we can take a conclusion about the understanding of computer networks

Figure: example of network computers

According to the source, which I got from Wikipedia that the sense of a computer network is a system consisting of a computer, software, and other devices that work together to accomplish a goal.

Furthermore the source that I got from the First Cisco Networking book Step work of Wendell Odom that understanding of computer networks is a combination of hardware, software, and cabling (cabling), which together allow a wide range of computing devices to communicate with each other.

From the sources I got above, I can deduce that the understanding of a computer network is a set of computing tools and a variety of network devices and their software that are interconnected with each other to form a system, and with the same purpose. These goals such as a computer network created for sharing files on a network Computer, transmits data using a wired or wireless media (wireless).

Image: wireless networks

Sure of my conclusion above, probably still feels less according to you. The bottom line, understanding of computer networks is a variety of computer devices that are connected to each other so they can communicate with each other. Because electronic instruments or computer of course has its own language so that they can be connected and communicate with one another, i.e., using electrical signals transmitted via cables or wireless (cordless or wireless). In number systems, electrical signals this is a binary number or binary digits (i.e. a combination of numeric 1 and 0).

Examples of the development of a computer network is the creation of a Network types, types of networks, network topology.

Types Of Networks

The types of the network according to its geographical location, is divided into four, namely:

Local Area Network (LAN)
Metropolitan Area Network (MAN)
Wide Area Network (WAN)

Image: Internet network

Network Type

There are two types of commonly used network, namely, Client-Server and Peer-to-Peer.


Client-Server is a type of network that is using a computer as a server or other computer servant and as a client or who want to be served.

Image: clint-server


Peer-to-Peer network is a type of server computer could become his workstation (non-dedicated server). On this network, every other network computers and devices connect directly to each computer connected to the network computer.

Network Topology

Network topology is a way to connect network devices to form a network system. An example of a network topology is:

Bus Topology
Star Topology
Ring Topology
Mesh Topology
Tree Topology

Image: star topology

For a more detailed discussion of the sense Networks above, I will discuss in my next article, or you can download the presentation that contains the discussion of deeper Understanding of computer networks.
Please click here to start downloading the file.

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