Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Mystery Death of the Sun In Al-Quran

The sun has been radiating heat for about 5 billion years as a result of constant chemical reactions take place on surfaces. At the time appointed by God in the future, this reaction will eventually end, and the Sun will lose all energy and eventually the Dead. In that context, the above verses can be used as a reference that one day the solar energy will soon be over. (God is omniscient truthfulness).

The Arabic word "limustaqarrin" in this verse refers to a particular place or time. The word "tajree" translated as "walking," also meaning as "to move, to act quickly, to move, to flow." It appears from the meaning that the Sun will continue on his journey in space and his time, but this movement will continue until the time certain predetermined. Paragraph "When the sun is compacted in the dark," (QS. At-takwir, 1) that appears in the description of Judgment Day, tells us that such a time would come. This time is known only to God.

The Arabic word "taqdeeru," translated as "decision" in the verse, including meanings such as "to designate, to determine the fate of something, to measure." The phrase in verse 38 of Surah Ya Sin, we are told that the life span of the Sun limited period of a certain time, which is ordained by God.

The use of "Musamman" word in the paragraph above shows that the lifetime of the Sun will run for a "certain period of time." Scientific analysis of the end of the Sun describes as taking 4 million tons of material a second, and said that the Sun will die when their fuel had all been matahari.kesatuan consumed by the heat and the light emitted from the sun is the energy released instantaneously it is consumed as hydrogen turns into helium nucleus in the process of nuclear fusion. Solar Energy, and therefore his life, so it will expire after the fuel has been used. (God is to know the truth.) The report titled "The Death of the Sun" by the Ministry of Science BBC News said:

... The sun will gradually die. As a star's core into a rout, eventually will become hot enough to ignite lainm compile them into a helium atom.

A documentary, also titled "The Death of the Sun," published by the National Geographic TV, gives the following explanation:

The sun produces heat and sustains life on our planet. But as human beings, the Sun also has a limited lifespan. Along with the aging star, the Sun will be more heat and vaporize all of our oceans and kill all life on planet Earth ... The sun continues to get hotter as it ages and burn fuel faster. Temperatures will rise, eventually destroy the lives of animals, the evaporation of the sea and kill all plant life ... The sun will swell and become red giant star, engulfing nearby planets. The appeal of gravity will reduce and possibly allow the Earth to escape. In the end, it will shrink to a white dwarf star, emit light for a week to hundreds of billions of years.

Scientists have recently outlining the structure of the Sun and discovered what was going on inside. Before that, nobody knew how to obtain solar energy or how the Sun produces heat and light.

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